Not a secret that tourism and travel always were and remain the most attractive kind of business filling treasury of any state, to it, putting huge means in an infrastructure of travel, the so-called resort countries year from a year aspire to correspond to the highest tourist standards as much as possible.

It at all paradox, but from it win all - and resorts and, directly, the people departing to travel, for which level of tourist service - one of the first conditions of a trip.

All of us - different: someone from us, having got tired from dank grayness the cities prefers to luxuriate on the sun on an ocean coast, and someone, on the contrary, wishes to be lifted on mountain top that blinds beauty of the surrounding validity and sparkling round the cleanest snow, dementing the traveller the crystal air and the yawned precipice underfoot... And for others tourism is first of all monuments of architecture or, probably, aspirations to new, hitherto novel.

Here also are diverse and the places grown fond to tourists where they with pleasure depart to travel - from warm Portuguese beaches, to mounting skiing resorts of Austria, from palaces and locks of Scotland to unusual, absolutely other world of Yemen...

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